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The Bolt Lift for the Remington® 700™ is the first and only product of its kind. It gives you all the benefits of an oversize bolt knob (AKA "Tactical" knob) in a simple user friendly package. Adding an enlarged bolt knob to a rifle is a popular upgrade that gives a better grip when operating the bolt under any conditions. Previously, if you wanted that improved bolt handling you would have to buy a knob and send your bolt off to a gunsmith who would cut and thread your bolt handle and install your new knob. Now, you can add a durable enhanced knob by yourself, and you don’t have to permanently modify your rifle.

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The Bolt Lift consists of two reinforced polymer knob halves and some supporting parts. Users can choose between a permanent installation using epoxy, a rock solid removable setup, or a quick simple install using the supplied spacers to tailor the fit of the Bolt Lift to the factory bolt handle. A stainless steel screw to clamp the knob halves together and some reinforcing pins round out the package.

We have selected a very strong , reinforced polymer material and incorporated it into a thick-walled, high strength design to ensure that your Bolt Lift will be the last part on your rifle to fail. As an added benefit, the polymer construction will isolate your hand from environmental effects.

Other Notes:
  • The size of the bolt handle on the factory 700 rifle has fluctuated significantly throughout the years. We have provided several ways to counter the size difference, but if your factory bolt handle is exceptionally large, some minor material removal may be necessary.
  • Available in black, tan, and green.

Materials and finish:
  • All metal parts are stainless steel.
  • Bolt Lift halves are reinforced polymer.

Installation:Installation is simple and can be accomplished with basic tools which include:
  • Hex (Allen) wrench- 5/32”.



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