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21.APR.14 X-Ray chassis for the Rem 700SA are now shipping! Customers on the backorder list will get theirs first, there's about a 1-2 month wait at this point for new orders. The introductory price will end on 01 May 14 so contact us to get on the backorder list!

21.APR.14 Long range gear guru 8541 Tactical has posted a new video review of the 4th generation Whiskey-3 Chassis. Check it out here: Click me!

27.MAR.14 We are now starting a trade-up program for customers who purchased a first generation Whiskey-3 Chassis directly from us. Send your gen 1 in for a free swap out to a gen 4 stock! Please email us for details.

27.MAR.14 We are now shipping the new Overmolded Cheekpiece. Check it out in the Accessories section!

21.OCT.13 Nutnfancy, the highly popular gear reviewer on Youtube, ordered a Bolt Lift and did a video review, he really liked it! Check it out... Click me!

26.AUG.13 Congratulations to Caylen Wojcik of Magpul Dynamics on winning the 2013 Oregon Sniper Challege, he used a gen 4 Whiskey-3 folding chassis!

08.MAR.12 The fine folks at Griffin Armament (High Quality Suppressors) have done a nice review of the folding W3C for the Remington 700. Click here to watch!

26.FEB.12 Zak Smith has posted his write-up review of our Whiskey-3 for the Tikka T3! Click me!

16.FEB.12 Check out an excellent video review of the Whiskey-3 Chassis by LonewolfUSMC! Click me!

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